There is no better time to become active in the Wicomico County Republican Club! Every little bit helps whether it is stuffing envelopes, knocking on doors, making phone calls or donating to the club or candidates, being involved makes a difference.

We have created a way to make becoming a member and maintaining your membership even more convenient. By having the option to sign up for automatic subscription renewal through PayPal you can choose if you want to pay monthly or annually. Certainly the Annual Membership Renewal will save you a few dollars in the long run over the Monthly Membership but you will never have to worry about catching up on your dues.

You may ask, how does the club spend my money? First and foremost we support great local Republican candidates and their campaigns with financial support, volunteers and a regular venue where they can speak directly with you a Member of the Republican Club. We also have a scholarship fund where we help local Republicans who apply to us with a little help with college.

You may send us a check or hand it to one of our Executive Committee members at our Monthly Meeting. Make a Check payable to WCRC and mail to WCRC PO Box 133 Salisbury, MD 21803

Below are three options to purchase through PayPal. A one time purchase, a recurring annual option where your membership will automatically renew every year and the monthly option where your membership will renew monthly, this option costs a little more than the other two options.

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Annual Membership Options


Monthly Membership Options